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MW Premium for PHP-Fusion 9?
Sorry, I do not speak German, only English. I am wondering if there are any plans to update the MW Premium Infusion to work with PHP-Fusion 9 any time soon or if anyone would be interested in updating it?
I am seeking PHP-Fusion Developers and Designers to help me develop add-ons for my PHP-Fusion 9 websites. I need Infusions, Themes, Panels and Modifications and Updates made to current add-ons too. I am paying for the work, please message me or email if interested. My email

Interested in sharing or selling your PHP-Fusion 9 Add-Ons? Join my newest website at
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Currently I am converting some of the infusions for you. But: Is there an option to get a demo code for activating?

Otherwise I cannot test the correct functioning of the converted infusions.

Edit: and make translation to English
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Hey, this site is under CCL And you have confirmed the D1 Download Terms and Conditions by download. It says: Sharing the downloads is prohibited
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
I am not sharing, but original is only available in German and for PF 7.

I am translating to English an adapt to run under PF9.

I am asked to do from illusive enterprises. Who has a license.
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The owner and coder from this site has the CCL license. See below in the footer.
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
A CCL license cannot prevent you your code gets shared. It only gives you the right to remove the agpl copyright footer.

This is wat php-fusion states.
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No, what you mean is the CRL license. The CCL revokes AGPL and the requirements of that license to share. Lokk here: https://www.php-f...licensing/
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CRL and CCL are the same. Diffence is CRL is for individuals and CCL for commercial organisations. Read carefully the license section you are referring.

I have a CRL license myself.
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Tis is to find on the site https://www.php-f...licensing/

Our commercial license alternative for businesses. The CCL revokes AGPL and the requirements of that license to share everything on your site. Additionally you are also allowed to remove our visual Copyrights with this license

Ask the Falk or Chan directly. they have already confirmed this when asked in the forum. I think that was actually a request for the D1 scipts from this site.
Bearbeitet von Harlekin am 06-04-2020 20:12
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What does this mean:

1 - You may remove the copyright notice from your site.
2 - You don have to share code you have written yourself back to the community of PHP-Fusion.

It says nothing about code you have shared.

I will discuss this on main site.

I put a question about it on fusion main site in forum
Bearbeitet von douwe_yntema am 06-04-2020 20:17
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Before downloading, however, you agreed to the conditions of this site for the download that the scripts not be passed on.
Bearbeitet von Harlekin am 06-04-2020 20:29
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I did not downloaded them self, but however, this has nothing to do with CCL license.

That is an own made license.
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
No, that is also in the CCL.

I had already asked a question about such a case in the forum and got the answer that I would have to have or buy the CCL. Then I could do it like this!

Go ahead, but don't be surprised if the coder and owner of this site may sue you in court.

I don't care.
Bearbeitet von Harlekin am 06-04-2020 20:38
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
I think you need an EPAL licence, and sell your stuff via PHP-Fusion.

I did a test download, and here is the translated license:

Removing the copyright is strictly prohibited!
Changing the copyright to another is strictly prohibited!
A change in the copyright is only permitted by extending the copyright if further development has taken place and the author has not been removed!
Modifying the files is allowed for personal use.
Modifying the files and offering them requires feedback to the author.
Offering D1 downloads on foreign sites is undesirable!

A violation of the terms and conditions (license conditions) leads to the account being blocked, and in the event of copyright violations, legal steps can be taken!

So i.m.o. it is allowed to modify the code, if i further develop the code and the original author is not removed.

I tried to find your topic post on main site, I remember your question, But with main site , almost nothing is working, So cannot find it.
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
I'm just a member of the site here. Do what you want to do. I just wanted to point out that problems can arise.

My post was: https://www.php-f...ost_207336
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
I read your post, But still I think you are wrong.

Zusammengefügt am 06. April 2020 21:41:17:
This is the answer from mian:

CCL revokes AGPL for their site and nothing else. It gives the the possibility to develop their own apps and sell these without sharing and they can have their own sublicenses on anything they use and distribute as sold software. However, their buyers must also use A CRL or EPAL in order to use their product otherwise it would fall under AGPL on the buyers sites.
We only issue EPAL from Marketplace items.
Bearbeitet von douwe_yntema am 06-04-2020 21:41
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
Falk wrote
they can have their own sublicenses on anything they use and distribute as sold software
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
Falk wrote also

However, their buyers must also use A CRL or EPAL in order to use their product otherwise it would fall under AGPL on the buyers sites.
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
On my questions in their forum the answers was different. They turn it the way they want it. Sometimes like this; sometimes like that. I don't think they know it self. Depending on which year you ask, the answers are different.

Zusammengefügt am 07. April 2020 00:15:54:
Now the thread is deleted on the english site from PHP-Fusion. Nice way of dealing with criticism.spitze
Bearbeitet von Harlekin am 07-04-2020 00:15
Verwarnstatus: warningwarningwarningwarning
But with this website it is the same.

When I download an infusion, I have to accept a license, but in the infusion itself the only thing you find is a AGPL license.

You can never read back what you accepted, the text is displayed nowhere, only in the prompt before downloading.

Zusammengefügt am 07. April 2020 16:35:56:
And this information is included in every file of the infusions you are selling:

| PHP-Fusion Content Management System
| Copyright � 2002 - 2011 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fu...
| Filename: D1_coupon_panel_admin.php
| Author: DeeoNe
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).

It says FREE SOFTWARE released under AGPL etc.
Bearbeitet von douwe_yntema am 07-04-2020 16:35
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